Our Story

It all started with two brothers shoveling manure in California.


What started as a discussion between two brothers-in-law as they shoveled manure fiber together at a farm in Washington has become what we have today, one of the fastest-growing companies of its kind in Northern California.  

Daryl Maas, CEO of Mass Energy Works, was already specializing in the development, owning, and operating of anaerobic manure digesters. What he needed was a production and technology partner to capitalize on what the biogas was offering. This is where Energy Innovations, formerly known as Electric Innovations was founded.

Ted Thompson’s vast experience in the technology space, electrical engineering, and specialty contracting made him an instant fit to design and build the unique equipment needed to channel and analyze the energy-rich fuel being created on dairy farms across the United States.  For the last 10+ years, Ted has been using his knowledge and lessons learned in the field to customize an efficient, highly effective Biogas Processing System and many other products for his clients.  Along the way, Energy Innovations, formerly known as Electric Innovations has collected a wide variety of employees whose drive for excellence, creativity, and hard work continues to create and grow what was started 10 years ago.

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About the Owner

About the Founder

A born innovator,  Ted Thompson, has always been building and creating.  At a young age, he built two-way radio circuits and studied electrical circuitry and mechanical engineering. He is a graduate of Thomas Edison State University with a BSBA in Computer Science. Out of college, he studied with his Uncles in custom contracting and building in San Diego where he spent his first few years learning electrical trade and project management. Furthering his education in high voltage work, utility interconnection, and electrical engineering. 

His natural capacity to problem-solve and see the bigger picture has given him an advantage in the field. He has been instrumental in the successful development, construction, and startup of 63 renewable energy projects over the past 10 years, making him one of the most experienced electrical contractors servicing covered lagoon Dairy Digesters, cogen, and biogas handling equipment.  Utility Interconnection in the State of California.  


Ted's drive to not just provide his clients with an exceptional product, but to continue to create and improve the world of clean energy, is what leads Energy Innovations, formerly known as Electric Innovations into new territories and the continual evolution of perfecting their craft.