Meet our exceptionally talented team!

Our team is committed to bringing quality, exceptional work to the renewable energy field, and working to bring a brighter future to our great State of California.


From Fabrication to Technology to Field, to Administration.  Our world-class employees are the driving force of Energy Innovations, formerly known as Electric Innovations. We are a uniquely constructed community, forged together by our drive for excellence, our value for timeliness, and our downright intellect.  


The Fabrication Team is driven by their love of all things metal, music included.  Whether they are welding it or creating it, they are constantly pushing the lines and standards of their designs, delivering to our customers innovative consistent quality.


Motivated less by metal and more by automation, our Technology Team is a patient force. Their unequivocal attention to the detail that goes into the assembly of the dashboards and panels included in our PDCs, reflects their drive for excellence.


Our Field team is our literal boots on the ground.  On site from the beginning until the end, they are faithfully prepping, installing, and starting each PDC unit.


Lastly our Administration Team.   Where would we be without them? They are our "i dotters" and "t crossers." These paper pushers make sure the coffee is always stocked, bills are always paid, and whatever is needed is had.


Together we are contributing to the Biogas Revolution!”

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Executive Officers

Ted Thompson


Ted Thompson

Theodore Thompson or Ted as he is more commonly known as, is the founder and CEO of Energy
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Marc Catalano


Marc Catalano

Marc joined our EI team as the CFO in August 2020. He has an MBA, a Graduate Certificate in
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Ryan Yamane

Ryan recently joined EI as Chief Operating Officer. Ryan has held executive roles at both
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James Heth

Fabrication Director

James Heth

James joined the EI team in February 2019 and is our Fabrication Director. He has a business
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Steve Limerick

Power Systems Director

Steve Limerick

Steve has worked with EI since 2019 when he came on as an electrician to build the Control Rooms for BIPS
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IT Director

John Paul Rittell

John Paul joined EI in 2022. He has been an Information Technology integrator since 2008.
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Fabrication Manager

Ryan Borden

Ryan has been with EI since September 2019. He is Multi-Process Welding Certified, has a background
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Design Manager

Mike Adams

Mike’s career has included 20 years at Boeing where he was consistently given significant and increasing
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Production/Inventory Manager

Aaron McKenzie

Aaron joined the Electric Innovation team in March 2019. He started off working in the panel
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Automation Manager

Drew Gatti

Drew has been influencing EI automated systems since 2019 and rejoined our team in 2023 as our Sr.
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Melissa Thompson

Human Resources Manager

Michelle Thompson

Michelle and her HR superpowers have been with the team from the beginning. She builds
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Visalia, CA

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